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Obamacare Customer Service or: How to Rig Idaho’s Job Market

Media sources in Idaho cheerfully announced the arrival of 1,800 new jobs last July when Virginia-based firm Maximus, Inc decided to open a call center in Boise. Aside from a couple threatening notes that caused its building to be evacuated for several hours, Maximus has been out of the spotlight in Idaho. This isn’t particularly surprising, considering Maximus employees are forbidden to speak of the company, even on social media, without permission.

Providing obamacare customer service

This “help” ain’t cheap

Who is Maximus? Its motto is “Helping Government Serve the People” – which sounds harmless enough until you remember some of the egregious ways the federal government “serves” the people of Idaho. As a government contractor generating over $1 billion in revenue for 2012, Maximus handles the profit side of the increasingly familiar crony capitalist equation. Continue reading



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