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Jackson in the Valley, Feb. 9-15

Water Rights and Wrongs

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is gearing up to regulate “literally all streams, no matter the size, within the United States,” according to And this new power to dictate the use of canals and that tiny stream on your back forty comes from which new law, you ask? Why, none at all. It comes from an old law – specifically, the EPA’s reinterpretation of the Clean Water Act of 1972. In other words, a Washington, D.C. agency of unelected bureaucrats created by Congress will redefine a 42-year-old law on a whim.  Continue reading


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Jackson in the Valley, Feb. 2-8

Idaho lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow anyone with Idaho’s enhanced concealed-carry permit to carry a gun on campus. In spite of my devotion to firearm freedoms, I am hardly moved by the predictable knee-jerk reactions on both sides. I embrace the right to self-defense, but the 2nd amendment – along with the rest of the Bill of Rights – was only meant to restrain the federal government, not state governments. Recognizing this would go a lot further toward increasing the freedom of Idahoans than blind ideological devotion to a certain conception of political or natural rights. Continue reading


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