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Jackson in the Valley, Feb. 2-8

Idaho lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow anyone with Idaho’s enhanced concealed-carry permit to carry a gun on campus. In spite of my devotion to firearm freedoms, I am hardly moved by the predictable knee-jerk reactions on both sides. I embrace the right to self-defense, but the 2nd amendment – along with the rest of the Bill of Rights – was only meant to restrain the federal government, not state governments. Recognizing this would go a lot further toward increasing the freedom of Idahoans than blind ideological devotion to a certain conception of political or natural rights. Continue reading



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Guest Post: Common Core vs Local Education

We have come a long way in this country from a time when parents, committees, and in some cases clergyman in communities came together, interviewed, hired a teacher and adopted curriculum they felt best represented their values and beliefs. This is localism in education at its best. This is local communities being represented at its highest level. A lot has changed over the years in America concerning education. Some of the changes have come from the federal government and some from the individual states. Other changes have come from parents and the level of involvement they have in the education process. Perhaps parents feel they no longer have the voice they once had, and in some cases this may seem true now that Idaho has adopted the Common Core Standards (CCS).

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There has been a movement in this country for many years to nationalize education and have one set of common standards for every state. According to, 45 states have adopted the CCS that were written by an organization called Achieve, the National Governors Association, and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Eli Broad Foundation pledged $60 million dollars in campaign money to help fund the goals of Achieve, NGA, and CCSSO. Some school districts, teachers, and parents applaud this move while others are very unhappy. Idaho adopted the CCS on January 24, 2011. Continue reading


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